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Importance of GPS facility in School Buses

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a powerful medium to track the location or places anywhere and at any time. There are benefits of using GPS as it is a handy device that lets people en route to thei... Read More


Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Physical Development

One of the drawbacks of the pro- digital world is the lack of exposure to the outside world. The instant gratification that it provides just with a click has made people lazy and lethargic. This in tu... Read More


Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

In a pro-tech world, we are currently witnessing calls for a switch to tech devices in every walk of life. Education is changing in a big way. The remodelling of classroom culture started with the int... Read More


Best Classroom Projector for Schools

An estimated figure indicates that more than 150 companies are involved in manufacturing of over 6000 various types of projectors worldwide till date of which 60 companies have stopped manufacturing. ... Read More


Tips for Choosing Montessori Materials

Early education is about visualization using inanimate objects, in the classroom and outside it. They boost imagination and learning happens by relating with different objects. These interactions enga... Read More


Things to Consider while Choosing Classroom Furniture

One aspect that prevails over other principles in learning setup is having a well- furnished classroom system that provides a comfortable environment to the children. The learning environment majorly ... Read More

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