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Seller FAQs


Any sellers willing to deliver their products to schools can start selling on schoolsupermart.com. Schoolsupermart.com is a business to school online sales platform. It facilitates the sale of products by local resellers to local schools. Eg: A furniture seller from Bengaluru can sell to schools in Bengaluru.

You can register on schoolsupermart.com as seller with our easy to register process. Click on "Sell with us" and follow online instructions to complete the registration process.

You will require to share below documents to at the time of registration

  • Address Proof
  • GST Certificate
  • Business PAN card
  • Cancelled Cheque

Listing Products

No, we do not charge for listing your products with us

Once you are registered as seller on schoolsupermart.com and your account is approved, you can login to "My Account" and click on "Manage Products" to list your products online. All the new products will be reviewed by Schoolsupermart.com team and made available for sale post successful review

Every product you add on schoolsupermart.com needs approval from our Procurement Manager. You need to allow 24 Hours for the approval from the time the product is added on our website. Incase, the product is not approved due to any reason, an e-mail communication will be sent to you for the same.

The prices of the products are decided by the respective sellers


Once an order is successfully delivered to the school, Schoolsupermart.com will initiate the funds transfer after 48 hours from the time of delivery of the items after deducting the below charges/fees.

  • Platform fee / Commission Fee : A percentage of an order item(s) value; Platform fee sometimes vary based on vertical / sub-category. Refer below table for platform fee for different verticals / sub-categories
  • Collection Fee : 3% of (Schoolsupermart.com selling price + shipping charges of the item(s)
  • GST ( applicable on all of the above components
  • Category Table & Chair
    Product Price ₹ 1000
    Platform / Commission Fee ₹ 70
    (7% for all categories)
    Collection Fee ₹ 30
    (3% on all order time value)
    Total Marketplace Fee ₹ 100
    GST ₹ 18
    (18% of marketplace)
    Total Deductions ₹ 118
    Settlement Value ₹ 882
    (Amount credited to you)


At the time of registration, we collect your bank details and the same gets verified by our respective team. Once the transaction is completed, the fund transfer will be processed electronically to the bank account which you have shared with us at the time of registration.

Once the order is successfully delivered, you will receive the funds within 5 business days from the date of delivery into your verified bank account